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Servicing the World’s Instrument and Control System Needs

With a full staff of full-time engineers and technicians, TCSI has over 30 years servicing a global customer base.

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Turnkey Control Solutions, Inc. is a global leader of Comprehensive Industrial Control Solutions, providing 24-hour support to corporations throughout the United States and abroad.

What is Control System Integration?

In engineering, a system is a group of subsystems interacting to deliver functionality. Systems integration creates and improves the interfaces between those subsystems in order to make the overall system more effective and efficient. Control systems integration focuses on complex automation systems, managing their installation, commissioning, and long-term maintenance. Customers for control systems integration include power plants, industrial manufacturers, the military and defense industries, universities, and governments. Most projects necessitate expertise in pneumatic and electronic instrumentation.


  • Proven Experience in the Industry
  • Solid Industry Reputation
  • Technically Strong Design Group
  • Excellent Customer and Product Support



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